Cornerstone Baptist Church

We covenant together, as the members of this church, to cherish one another as the beloved of Christ; to provide help, encouragement, comfort in hardship, and correction in love and humility according to the Word. 

We commit to faithfully come together as a church for worship, discipleship, prayer, and the gospel work.

We will support the services of this church, it ministries, the care of the poor, and the spread of the gospel through our participation, prayers, and finances.

We will strive to become more holy and obedient to the Scriptures, guarding ourselves from practices and attitudes that could pollute our spirits and enslave us to this world.

We will maintain our private faith, our family worship, and the religious training of our children.

We further pledge that if we are ever separated from this church we will quickly unite ourselves to another church where we can continue to obey and serve the will of God. 

Associations and Affiliations