This class is for our tiniest little ones, who are ready to be in a separate class from Mom and Dad. The babies and toddlers in this class are taught that church is a safe place to learn about God with friends and grownups who love God and love them. A simple Bible story is taught and teachers sing, play, and cuddle with these tiny treasures. 

Meets: Sunday 9:00 AM




When children are potty trained and ready to sit for a bit longer (usually 3 or 4 years old) they are moved up to our primary class.

In the primary class the narratives of scripture are taught in a more detailed manner. A narrative is covered each week and the character of God as shown in that narrative is explained and explored, using the Desiring God curriculum. The Old Testament and New Testament are thoroughly covered, giving even these young children a chance to know and understand the Bible. Games, songs, and coloring pages are used to help children learn the books of the Bible, the scope of scripture, the plan of salvation, and the character of God.

Meets: Sunday 9:00 AM




Solid reading skills are a indication that your child is ready for the secondary class. In the secondary class children are encouraged to read and research scripture as a class. A teacher leads and disciples, and much of the teaching is done by giving children an opportunity to read scripture and discussing it to help them understand what they have read. The curriculum covers the sovereignty of God and the promises of God throughout the Old and New Testaments. Children are taught different methods of Bible study and encouraged to read the Bible at home on their own, apply it to their lives, and share what they’ve learned with others.

Meets: Sunday 9:00 AM



The Cornerstone Students Ministry, taught by Youth Pastor Trey Hall, encourages teens to be Christ followers, worshipers, and lovers of God’s Word. Through biblical, practical teaching and creative series topics, we help students grow, equip them with the truth, and give them opportunities to share it.

Meets: Sunday 9:00 AM Youth Room


Our adult Sunday school class, led by Joe Campbell, follows LifeWay's Bible Studies for Life Series for Adults. It is an in-depth Bible study that takes a look at real-life issues, works towards building a healthy biblical community and challenges participants to "Live It Out" in their daily lives.  

Meets: Sunday 9:00 AM - first Floor Classroom

This class is a diverse group of Bible learners led by Pastor Jason Hargraves. It is mostly an adult group, but sometimes moms bring their babies and occasionally children participate as well, but there are also other classes meeting for the children. We meet in a big room around tables so there is space for your books and coffee. And feel free to bring your breakfast if you’d like. We ordinarily are engaged in a weekly expositional study through a chosen book of the Bible; rarely we may look at a topical or historical subject. Several of our members have fluctuating work schedules or are involved in other church duties on a rotational basis. For that reason we try to point out consistent themes from week to week, but also let each week’s study stand alone and use no additional literature other than the Bible so you can jump in on any given week and not feel lost. We are able to move forward at our own pace and often diverge into many off-topic but important subjects. Everyone is invited to take part in the discussions or ask questions, but there’s room for those who prefer to remain quiet as well. This study offers powerful in-depth Bible instruction and a hour of profitable and genuine group interaction.

Meets: Sunday 9:00 AM - First Floor CLassroom